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As a consultant my broad focus has been on making technology work better for my clients. Here are some examples of the sort of work which I've undertaken in the past:
  • Software or software+hardware development,
    • Prototype design and implementation
    • Business process automation
    • Analytical reporting (data mining, dashboards)
  • Technology evaluation
    • Company roadmaps
    • Product scalability or security
    • Market challenges
    • Competitive analyses
Over the last year I've done the following: (updated May 2003)
  • C++ development on an Internet server
  • Business process automation in Excel & Visual Basic.
  • C development of a consumer Windows application involving media distribution
  • Embedded microcontroller programming and related hardware design
  • Perl programming for small automation tasks as well as large prototypes
  • Creating and extending PHP websites

In general, I have designed systems large and small on a wide variety of platforms (Unix, Windows, Linux, OS/2) and utilizing a wide variety of languages (C, C++, Perl, Java, Visual Basic, REXX, various machine languages, etc.). I can work on a contract, full-time, or bid-price basis and have a network of well-placed friends and business partners on whom I can draw for advice, help, or outsourcing when necessary.

Please email or call me if you have needs I may be able to help solve.

see also: Jason Campbell Work Overview

Please note that most of this site was last updated in 2003.

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