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I'm presently a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Intel Labs Pittsburgh and frequently collaborating with faculty, staff, and students at Carnegie Mellon University on projects in distributed systems, robotics, autonomy, shape programmable materials, computer vision, retail, energy, and automated fault diagnosis.

Previously, I served as chief technical officer (CTO) of the network equipment startup (Zack Systems). Before that I was VP Technology of a financial software startup. I've worked as a manger, programmer, and consultant with a wide variety of firms in the fields of high-technology, finance, economic forecasting, commercial printing, and manufacturing. I have an Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford University and particular depth of knowledge in networking, operating systems, embedded systems, security, cryptography, and distributed systems.

I've been involved with a number of startup companies in various stages of development and have helped raise over $8M in venture capital.

My career focus is on changing existing businesses, and building new ones, by using technology as a lever to enable business model and process innovation. I know that's a broad statement, but it really is the impact of technology which I regard as core to my work rather than the technology alone. To that end, I've built startups, spinoffs, and pilot projects followed by full-scale implementations. I've hired teams, done detailed designs, painted visions, and written lots of code. I also have a network of skilled colleagues and business partners on whom I can call for advice, help, introductions, or outsourcing when necessary.

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