Small Perl Scripts

Eventually this page will include:

  • vCheck: tests network services to see whether the underlying software is up to date (or not)

  • dropbox.cgi: implements a web-based file upload/download space

  • check the authoritative nameservers listed for a given domain and send a warning email if those servers don't match a predefined list of servers or if specific host records are absent or changed

  • consult whois for the status of a given domain, and send an alert email if the status doesn't match a prespecified value

  • check disk space levels on particular partitions and send a warning email once when an alarm level is exceeded and once more each time the volume's free space shrinks by each percent of total volume size

  • compute and log average packet loss to a specified IP and send email under defined error conditions

  • bulk-rename filenames to be all lowercase

  • compute the lag times between mail relays experienced by an email message


Please note that most of this site was last updated in 2003.

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